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Fine Photography By Charles Dozer

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Greeting Cards
Welcome! to my primary gallery of floral greeting cards based on my flower photos!  These original images capture the exciting influence of light on the delicate contours, and details of the floral subject.
Images on this website, whether photographic or digital, are by, and therefore are, the property of Charles S. Dozer. Any unauthorized use of them without the express permission of Charles S. Dozer, his agents or  assigns, is strictly prohibited.

*   All photos on this page are  4"x6",  printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre paper, without watermark, mounted on tented white, black-bordered card stock 5"x7", enclosed in a clear plastic, sealed bag, including the appropriate envelope.
Greeting Card Selections:* (click on flowers for full-card view)
"Four Sisters" pansies greeting card
"Bronze" Day Lily 
Greeting Card
"Golden Day Lily"
 Greeting Card
"Puff Balls (AZ)" 
Greeting Card
"Red Coral" 
Greeting Card
Orange "mini-sunflower" 4x6 Greeting Card
Greeting Card
"Pink Rose close-up"
 close-up Greeting Card
Purple Vinca
 Greeting Card
"Plumaria 'n Paradise" 
Greeting Card
 Red Rose bud 4x6 Greeting Card
"Spotted Yellow Canna" 
 Greeting Card
"Strawberry" Flower 
 Greeting Card
 Purple Vinca 
Greeting Card
"Pink back-lit lilies"
 Greeting Card
Pink Bromeliad Greeting Card
Leaf Geranium 
Greeting Card
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Arthromeria collage 4x6 tented
 Greeting Card
Yellow Canna 4"x 6" tented
 Greeting Card
Sumac Seed-Pod 4x6 tented Greeting Card
"Hanging"  Red Coral 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Gold Nasturtium 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Gold Pansey 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Green Calla Lily 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Plumaria cluster 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Ranuculus on Fire 4x6 tented greeting card
Red Calla 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Red Coleus 4x6 tented greeting card
Twin Iris 4x6 tented 
Greeting Card
Sunny Hibiscus 4x6 tented Greeting Card
Note: Many of these images are also available in framable, larger sizes.