There are two events that have greatly influenced my focus on floral photography. A number of years ago i had made the acquaintance of an eminent architectural photographer who occasionally did a "nature" shot, one of which, i will never forget. It was a huge red & yellow ranuculus triptych--shot at flower-level, taken at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada-Flintridge, California. One of the huge panels was on his studio wall. It was marvelously colorful, resembling floral balloons. He had not only captured the floral subject, and color, but a "feeling", i was "hooked."
The second event was a challenge suggested in an issue of, "The Nature Photographer", to stand in one place and look within the immediate square footage around you for subjects to photograph. Be aware of your close-in surroundings was the message. That hit home ! So, i expanded that suggestion, looking to the flowers in my yard many of which are lace-lighted by large pine trees and  reflect interesting  patterns through the needles.
i hope that you enjoy my attempts to capture that inspiration and reality, structure and light, especially in the floral palate. 

Floral Art Photography
Fine Photography By Charles Dozer

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