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Images on this website, whether photographic or digital, are by, and are, the property of Charles S. Dozer. Any unauthorized use of them without the express permission of Charles S. Dozer, his agents or  assigns, is strictly prohibited.
Contact:                       Carlsbad CA  92009
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Fine Photography By Charles Dozer
All original images on this website are printed without watermark, on Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre or Glossy paper. Greeting cards are mounted on black-bordered white card stock or, for larger images, backed on White, Double Weight mounting board, or 3/16 foam board, depending on the size of the image ordered. 
Policies & Pricing:*
Greeting cards:  "Tented"*                         (image size)              (card size):
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4" x  6"
Floral Photos:  Larger Images*
6 Cards
$ 24.00
12 Cards
3 1/2" x  5"
C5" x  7"
4" x  5 1/2"
$ 21.00
* All Pricing Include shipping.  First Class US Mail, bubble-wrapped envelopes, California sales tax additional
IImage Size:
  5" x 7"xt.
8" x 10"
8" x 12"
8" x 12"
Purchase Image only:
Framable, Backed Size:
Purchase , Backed Image:
8" x 10"
11" x 14"
12" x 16"
16" x 20"
(mix and match, same size )
Retail opportunities:  Please e-mail,, with your name and location, phone number, and when you can be                                                                          reached to discuss our available lines. Thank you for your interest, in advance.
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Shipping: Please allow 5-7 working days for the order to ship.
12 +  Cards
(see below)**
** Contact for Special Pricing !!
3 Cards